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The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link™
The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link™
Your Chi Card® for Success Strategies in Profession, Business and Money,
People Skills, Leadership and Politics

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chi energy for success in business and professionWith the help of your Chi-Card® and Manifestation Programs™ combination, you can now set up operations to develop and boost success strategies, i.e., getting good and do-able ideas of what are the ideal goals goals to set for yourself and how to reach them.  Then you can continue to design effective methods of trend management and the supporting pragmatism to achieve maximum success in profession, business, wealth, leadership, people skills, and political ventures.  These methods are exclusively for users who want to reach the top, and your Chi-Card® and Manifestation Program combination is a great tool to get started in the ventur(s) of your choice!

For the person, who is serious about success and using manifestation techniques combined Chi energy to achieve it, it is time to get the facts straight rather than keeping your belief in to the stories and mythologies that those who have already the power are broadcasting.  After all, every whepherd wants to have as big a flock of sheep as possible.

Let's get started: Poverty is in the main a socio-economic problem.  In fact, it is even more a social problem than gross overweight, the problems of which I have described previously.

If you want to gain wealth and/or power, the first and most important thing to do is to eliminate the impact of socio-economic conditioning and to acquire the skills to handle wealth at the same time.  You can use your equipment to first start seeing the truth about such conditioning (or the lack thereof), which, to this poing, has consistently prevented you from achieving such goals, and this will be a small, yer very important, step towards your overall strategy and ultimate success.

No, I certainly am not talking about changing the system. If the system was fair to all as some idealists are preaching it ought to be, there would be no excessive wealth at all, and likely human evolution and progress may never have happened. If you want excessive wealth, be aware of the functions of the socio-economic system into which you were born and in which you live and which, in fact does allow individuals to have that unfair edge of excessive wealth.  Then you have to use these functions to your own advantage so that you can get where you want to be!

In other words: this is a system that certainly can work in your favor, provided that you learn how to use it, and it is a good system, which led to survival of the species and ultimate progress of humankind!  Feeling guilty about that? Then you are still stuck inside and victimized by the "equality-trap" that helps so nicely all those folks who are "more equal" than you and who thoroughly love that additional "equality"!  Let's face it and repeat it again: Inequality is part of the human species, no matter what idealists or equality-mongers (that are backed by vested interests) are trying to teach you - and so are the resulting socio-economic structures in which we live!  You can either live up to this fact and use the existing situation and your innate human characteristics to get ahead, or you can decide to remain the runt of the pack for the rest of your life. The choice is yours, of course!

Fact is, by now you can have the equipment that can help you in getting that "unfair advantage" (words, of course, which are used by people whose intent is to keep you in your subordinate place) when you set your course to reach your maximum potential of wealth, power, and/or political influence.  Use it!

radionics energy transferAt the same time, be aware that a human being does not end with the surface of the skin.  As human beings, we are "us and our environment"!  When we poison our environment with arrogance, bad action, abuse of power, etc, we ultimately poison and hurt ourselves!  The runts of the pack are part of your environments, necessary contributors to your success! Respect them, especially when you reach the top!  This makes the big difference between a good leader and a bad leader!

Before you can deal with such questions, you need to get to the place, where dealing with such questions makes sense.  For that, you need to de-program yourself and learn the skills that you need to get to the top.  Using the manifestation technology that you find here, you can do this much faster than with most other methods.  Once such skills are in place, you can open opportunities for yourself, again by using the manifestation technology from BEC/HSCTI, and then it makes sense to learn additional skills step by step all the way to the top. Naturally, the development of successful strategies for business success, wealth, and political power is more complex than was developing a strategy for weight control.  Use your operational setup to maximize this task, and then use your devices to open opportunity and to help you get to the top.

Below you find a list of points to consider.  Use what you consider as appropriate for your situation.

Situation analysis for wealth, power, leadership, and people skills
Get facts straight about society and your socio-economic environment!
Get the facts straight and study human characteristics!  We are a predator society of leaders and runts.
Get the facts straight about education.  Have you ever noticed during your education that school kids from influential parents get away with things that others never would get away with?  Don't mope about it, learn from it as fast as you can!
Schools fit people into roles of leaders and runts.  Therefore, the education of "social skills" is more important to the powers that be than the teaching of other skills!
The structure of the leadership of super-tribes (nations) is similar to the structure of tribes.
Niches for dominant people who do not make it politically all the way to the top: Leadership in business, in organizations, control of wealth, professional leadership, sports leadership, leadership in "conspiracy groups" (yes! there too you find rigid rulerships and the intent to keep that ruling position at any cost, just the same way as people do whom they accuse in order to turn a buck and get a leading position among persons whom they led to such beliefs!) etc.
Getting things done vs. "being nice"

Your situation: taking stock and setting goals
Set long-term goals
Set short-term goals
Establish what skills you need for these goals, what skills are demanded; what changes of attitude you need in order to be successful.  Follow through with action and boost it with manifestation technology.
Consider alternatives with similar basic demands and rewards, if availability of your goal is low.
"Tremendous financial success from an unexpected source ..." consider the use of "wild cards" as in this preceding statement, which does not contain specifics, consider their advantages and disadvantages.
Set yourself into a general attitude so that you enjoy that which you are doing.

Potential Basic problems and mistakes
The runt mentality, a result of the educational process:  in school, people "learn their place in society" as part of a "hidden curriculum"!  Check out how it afflicted you and avoid the pitfalls
The impact of religion as it is preached quite often: "you have to work hard to earn your daily bread" - have you ever met a priest or preacher doing just that, i.e., being happy with just bread for his work?  I certainly did not.
Lack of knowledge of communications
Assuming "giftedness" rather than skills - and giving up
Repeating "I am powerful" in front of the mirror fifty thousand times and thereby forgetting to recognize opportunities and to seize them.
Ignoring the skill factor, hoping that there is some type of "magic" that puts you into a wealth-and power position without you needing to learn anything or contributing anything to this process.

Using strong points of your situation
Set yourself up to get the right strategy most of the time
Set yourself up to get viable opportunities
Be ready for a big change
Make sure that the changes will be profitable as well
Figure out the time it takes to acquire skills and live accordingly

Going step by step - a plan for yourself
Learn communicative skills,
Boost learning of communicative skills
Learn to read people
Learn to read the body language of others
Learn to influence people (NLP)
Acquire power mimicry
Develop opportunities where you can use and refine such skills progressively:
Determine the direction that you take: get ahead first using the skills that you have while acquiring new skills, then the next step with the acquired skills, and so on. Acquire skills and earn while learning, wherever possible
Boost charisma and other skills
Use your equipment to learn these skills rapidly and to boost your position of power in specific situations
Get increasingly into the procedures of the chosen business, become proficient in methods of marketing, manufacturing, and of running the business.
Using manifestation technology, boost your skills to analyze several situations and select the best ones for your success.

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of the Chi-Card®, of Chi Generators® and of manifestation programs.
Click below on the links of your choice for more information.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

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