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More Information about the Love and Light Positive Energy Chi Card
  • This specialized card is attuned to the Schumann Resonance (Earth Frequency) of 7.83 hz
  • This frequency makes it an excellent choice for positive mindset, feeling grounded, and general feelings of peace
  • It's also programmed with the intent to help create a more positive mindset.
  • You can use this specialized card with your vision boards, affirmations or other manifestation techniques. You can naturally also charge your water and foods and use it for any purpose the general chi card is used for.
  • Subscribe to this specialized chi card for only $5.55 a month

You can now choose between a general chi card and a love and light positive energy chi card. Iíve put together a list of affirmations, which you might want to use along with the positive energy chi card. The basic idea with affirmations is that you place them in various places around your house where you see them regularly. The more you focus on an affirmation, the more it will fill your mind and help change your mindset to a more positive mindset. With the positive energy chi card, in addition to placing the affirmation around your house, write it out and carry it with the card. This will add extra chi energy to the affirmation. This is the list of affirmations I work with:

  • I feel gratitude for all I have
  • I attract positive relationships
  • I am at peace
  • I choose love and light
  • creativity is an integral part of my day to day life
  • I accept love and abundance now
  • I believe in myself
  • I trust myself
  • I am confident
  • I choose peaceful emotions
  • I love myself
  • I am filled with joy and love
  • I am completely calm
  • I enjoy learning
  • Losing weight comes naturally to me
  • I have faith in my ability to succeed
  • I smile from the inside out
  • I learn something new everyday
  • I radiate love and happiness
If you have the positive energy chi card, or the general chi card, you can write out any of these affirmations and place them with your chi card. The chi card will add extra chi energy to the affirmation.